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People have worn head coverings since the beginning of time. Historically, headwear offered protection from the elements but later became more a symbol of status or authority. These days hats have progressed into something of an art form. In fashion terms, hats are such an eye catching accessory because they are perhaps the most instantly noticeable of any fashion item.


Millinery has existed for centuries.  The term milliner originally comes from the travelling haberdashers from Milan. These travelling sales people selling their wares were called ‘Milaners’ from which the word was eventually derived. The word milliner was first recorded in the 1500's and it was the ‘milliner’ who made hats for women; whilst the ‘hatmaker’ made hats for men.


By the late seventeenth century, women's headwear began to emerge in its own right. By the mid 1800's, Swiss and Italian straws predominantly, together with a variety of others, became more widely available in the making of women’s hats. Men's dress hats such as the boater, homburg, and fedora also came more into vogue towards the end of the 1800’s. This marked the emergence of a new social informality and a less rigid class structure and by the early 1900’s these hats were being widely worn by all classes.